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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lucky Cat's First Tattoo

Today we had our first customer in the shop! The honour was reserved for none other than the rather handsome Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro! Kev's been tattooing Simon for a long time, and it made sense to start as we mean to go on... tattooing rock stars, of course.

Simon likes his tattoos unfinished, sketchy almost, and this piece is in-keeping with that. I love it! It's very Renaissance, and I love the Renaissance! He, like me, has some Da Vinci tattooed on him.

Behold today's work:

Simon was lovely enough to have his photo taken with us (and Kev's little girls!), signed some things, and didn't complain about my tea making skills!

Here we are!

It looks like we're going to be kept busy, tending to rock stars... and you all too... the door was going all day, which is a good sign! "Come back tomorrow when we're open!" We've even been getting bottles of champagne handed in!

It's been a long day, I didn't get home till 9pm, but now the shop is officially ready for opening in the morning! Do pop by, say hello, and maybe even book a cheeky wee appointment! I'm off to bed, but I shall leave something for the ladies...

Frenchie xx


  1. Ahahaha LOVE IT!! Sorry, gotta stop commenting on everything, I'm like an embarrassing mum. xx

  2. Laura, you know I love your comments!xxxx

  3. Looking fabulous little'n!! Keep up the fantastic work - you never know I may pop in one day! hee hee!:-) x

  4. AGGGGHHH you should re-locate to Plymouth, your work is awesome!

  5. isn't simon just goregous! you're lucky! i may book an apointment when im older!