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Friday, 30 July 2010

A Non-Pictorial Post

Wow. Just wow. Since opening doors on Thursday we have been so busy! There's been a constant stream of people coming in to the shop, checking it out, booking consultations and appointments. I've been working behind the desk with Patsy, and it's really needed two of us to keep the place ticking over so far!

Day one was a gloriously sunny day so lots of people were passing by and popping their heads in. A lot of people wanting some dubious tattoos covered or tended to, and lots of people wanting newer, bigger pieces. It's been great hearing peoples' ideas, it's amazing how many different ideas people can have! It's good inspiration for me too, finding out what people want instead of me working on designs that I like. Some people from local businesses, Rainbow Room International, Lupe Pinto's, coming in to wish us well. Kev had one client booked in, who was getting a gorgeous gypsy girl and roses backpiece done. I had serious tattoo envy, and it's not often that that happens!

We also got a Facebook page set up for Lucky Cat, search Lucky Cat Tattoo Parlour and 'like' us! There's pictures of the team, and some of our lovely clients!

Come 5pm I had to dash off to my other job, I'm working four nights a week, two of which are straight after a shift in the shop. Let's just say by the time I got home at 10.30pm I was beat. Especially with the shop having been so busy. I'm sure I will get used to it though!

Today Kev was working on another traditional backpiece, this time one incorporating proper old school tigers and panthers. It's looking great, but has lots more to get finished; I'm looking forward to getting to know all of Kev's clients and watching their work develop! We had plenty more people coming in today, which was great, despite the dismal weather! I still can't get my head around the number of people who will come in and say that they want a tattoo, but have no idea what they want, especially things like sleeves and cover ups. We're firm believers in sending people away to think about things and gather inspiration rather than rushing them into picking something that a few years down the line they'll hate. A guy came in looking to get a traditional nautical sleeve, right up my street! I showed him some of the things I've been working on and he loved them! Said he could just pick some of my designs and they'd be perfect for his piece, which made me feel fabulous!

I did a lot of sign writing today, and made up a font book for Kev, all matching the things I made up yesterday; appointment cards, consultation sheets, gift vouchers etc. We got some art up on the walls too, even more lucky cats and some greenery, so the place is definitely looking more like home.

We got a lovely bunch of flowers from Atta Jewellers, who are across the road from us, they popped in to wish us well and welcome us to the community, whilst also deciding to get booked in for a tattoo. How sweet!

I have a day off from the studio tomorrow, however I don't think I'll be able to resist popping my head in! It's my big sister's hen night, and we have a full day of debauchery planned! It's a good job that we're closed on Sundays and Mondays, gives me time to recover!

Frenchie xx

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