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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I can't believe it's a whole week since Kev did his first tattoo in Lucky Cat. Every day has flown in! Everything is starting to feel like a bit of a blur, we are constantly busy, which is a great thing, so I shouldn't complain! I've been wracking my brains trying to remember what I did yesterday! I spent some time dealing with customers who weren't quite sure what they wanted, dishing out lots of books and magazines for reference. A girl was in looking to get a really traditional anchor design with "Hello Sailor", in my opinion, the perfect tattoo! She wants it done in the old school style, and so that it looks old, in Kev's words "with bad lines and blobs". I think that's an awesome idea, I spend so much time swooning over old photographs of sailor tattoos, so I'm excited to see how Kev would tackle this one! She hasn't booked in yet, but she promised she'd be back. She seemed quite taken by the shop!

Today Kev had a busy day, booked right up. I worked on some after care sheets and other necessities for a while, but then things got exciting! Steven was booked in to get a David Bowie portrait done! I've been raving about this all week after spying it in the calendar. He chose a more unusual Bowie picture, from the cover of the album 'Low'. I sat in with Kev while he was working on this, learning about which types of line to use, and colour layering. And here is the result...

This is on Steven's back, so he couldn't see it till he was all done. He seemed pretty impressed with the result to say the least!!! I honestly can't get over how beautiful it is! Kev knows how picky I am, and he was very pleased that this had my approval! Now I want one!! (I feel I'm in exclamation mark overload right now!)

Here's some photos of Kev's other work today:

I am forever in awe of Kev's lines! Look at them in the tiger piece, beautiful!

Today I hunted down some really cute ceramic lucky cat business card holders, they're so sweet! So we're having two. The place is slowly filling up with an ever increasing army of lucky cats. Good job I'm a cat lady, isn't it! We also did some searching for the perfect chandelier... It's a hard task! Patsy and I have finally convinced Kev that a chandelier with sparkles is a must... a chandelier isn't a chandelier unless there are sparkles!

Patsy did some piercing today, she is super quick!!! The thought of piercing gives me the creeps, so I stay well away from all of that. We also started to plan our Halloween costumes...

I'm off to do some major geeking out; my flatmate bought me a beautiful book, "The Tattooed Lady: A History". I think it's an early night for me, book and bed!

Frenchie xx

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