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Saturday, 21 August 2010

It feels like forever since I last wrote a blog!! Life has been crazy busy! It was my birthday at the weekend, I ate too much, drank far too many cocktails and danced all night in my beautiful new Vivienne Westwood shoes, ooh la la! I spent my actual birthday getting my rose tattoo inside my elbow redone; for some reason the ink didn't take the first time, what should have been "maroon" turned a rather unattractive shade of lilac. But after at least ten cocktails the night before, and not a lot of sleep, I did not enjoy the experience! I think I'm losing my edge! "Are you crying yet?" NO! But here is the result, a bizillion times prettier, still slightly scabby though!

Post-tattoo, I hung around in the shop, awaiting the arrival of all things fabulous... Chandelier... Gold mirror... Mary... The shop is quite spectacular now!

Yes, Mary is holding an energy saving light-bulb... She's so 21st Century! Soon she'll have a nice candle to hold.

It's really taking shape now! We're still looking for a coffee table, so if anyone spies a fabulous table anywhere, shout!

Enough about the shop, let's talk about me! I've learned to clean all the tubes and do all the autoclaving, I get to wear gloves, which is very exciting... I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon. I've been doing some designs which keeps me busy. It's good getting to hear other people's ideas and push myself to do things that other people want, that I'd not necessarily choose to do. Thinking outside of the box etc. One day hopefully I'll be good enough to specialise and do just the things that I want to do, but for now one can't be quite so choosy! Sooo, here's some things I've been working on...

Mexican Elvis

Patsy's hubby wants me to tattoo a Mars Attacks alien on him when I get started. He has a lot of comic style stuff already so a wee alien guy would be great! I'm looking forward to doing it, I always loved Mars Attacks! Excuse the awful lettering...

Ian from Lupe Pintos (who has been supplying us with the finest chorizo sandwiches) wants a squid. I like squids. They have two tentacles and eight legs, and I love the number eight. Behold the squid with a moustache. Everything is better with a moustache!

Business is doing great, we're booked up for ages, for an appointment on a Saturday you're looking at December! We really need to get another artist in soon, we can't have people waiting that long all the time! But we're all really happy! It doesn't feel like work, and we have a ball! Patsy and I have a cabaret most days, free entertainment! We've also got our big telly up and running playing Miami Ink, LA Ink, you know the drill. Fabulous!

I fear that I will be a bit quiet this week... my sister is getting married a week today, and I'm chief bridesmaid so I'm having some time off to calm my sister and get pampered before the big day!

I will leave you with a fantastic photograph of Patsy, who was very proud of her backcombed hair this morning....

Frenchie xx


  1. hi i am getting tattoo's done by brian the other apprentice LOL

  2. Cool, Brian seems like a really nice guy. He's further on than I am :) Looking forward to working with him!