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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

And it begins...

Well, big sis got hitched, I cried... The photographer wants to feature me in her blog as she's never photographed anyone at a wedding who has tattoos. How bizarre. I never say no though, so we'll see what happens! It's been a busy mental week, I had three whole days off from the shop!!

I had a rather amusing request from the Best Man... As part of his speech he wanted a fake tattoo on his stomach to "commemorate the day in his own special way" which he unveiled to the crowd as his finale. Daniel was a good sport, and didn't complain too much about having to have his stomach shaved. I used permanent marker the day before, and then touched it up on the day. It looked pretty good! It was good practice for me too, making stencils, getting used to placing tattoos etc etc.

But now normal life resumes... I got my hair cut, which was AMAZING! I think I've had it cut twice this year, and I'm very hair-proud! And more importantly now I can get tattooed again! I'm dying to get my French sleeve finished, a Moulin Rouge dancer pin up, a Marie Antoinette cameo. Now it's just finding the time with Kev to get it all done.

But the most exciting news... I tattooed! Just some black shading, but actual skin to needle contact! Kev's other apprentice, Brian, was working on a tattoo he'd done on himself, with Kev assisting, and I got to play too! I thought, me being me, I'd totally freak out about it, over think it and have a fit. But no, I just did it. Deep breath and just got right in there. I did pretty good! The machine feels quite top heavy when you're holding it, but once I got going I didn't even notice it. I thought I'd get freaked out that really, I'm hacking into someone's skin with a needle, but I didn't. It's really hard to describe how it felt, I suppose I was so excited everything has gone a bit hazy! It felt great though, and now I'm just gagging to do some more! I was buzzing for ages afterwards, Kev took my packet of Skittles away because I was too hyper! Hopefully I'll get to tattoo myself this week, it's kind of like a right of passage for apprentices, so I can't wimp out of it!

Here's me in action!

Believing is just the beginning...

Frenchie X

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